I am a lifestyle transformation designer.

I am focussing both on the now, “what is happening at this moment?” and on the future. I am fascinated as to how the current state of things develops into the future, how to shape this development and how changes occur in this process. I feel very socially responsible, both personally and as a designer, for providing people with insight into social issues.

My main interests are related to fashion, lifestyle, climate, social and nature issues. These are triggers and reasons for me to design for a better world. These subjects might at first sight seem to be a weird combination and, in a way they are, since the fashion/lifestyle world is a world of contradictions. On the one hand people consume products based on materialism, superficiality, injustice, exploitation and pollution, which destroys our world where we live. On the other hand fashion/lifestyle is a beautiful way through which people can express themselves, give themselves an identity and connect with each other.

It is a shame that something so expressive and creative can also be so disruptive.

I want to make people more aware of these problems that that the world is facing and I want to broaden their minds about these matters.

I am focussing on the group of people of my own age because they are the next generation and the ones best positioned to change the world for the better.

As a Designer, I attempt to get inside the minds of people and try to feel what they feel, to be empathic. This is my way to come up with new ideas. I never want to force people with my beliefs but I want to show them how things can be done differently so they might change their way of thinking, and also, as an end result, their way of living (consuming).

My designs and concepts are always based on facts and science and I often work out my concepts using photography, video, graphic design or illustration, both analogue and interactively.

In this way, I try to make the world a bit more beautiful by resolving social matters through my ideas and designs.

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